TLP/VF-TLP/HMM/HBM Calibration

Type Description Datasheet
CAL-03A TLP/VF-TLP/HMM/HBM Wafer-Level Ceramic Calibration Substrate PDF
CAL-KIT-200-A1 TLP/HMM/HBM Calibration Kit for Package- or PCB-level Measurements using the Adaptor PBA-3002A PDF

Current Sensors

Type Description Datasheet
CS-0V5-A 120 A, 3 GHz, 50 Ω, 0.5 V/A Current Sensor PDF

HBM Verification Tester

(optional upgrade, compatible with HBM-S1-B/C on HBM-TS10-A/HV-CU10-A or TLP-3010C, 4010C, 8010A/C)

Type Description Datasheet
HBM-VT HBM Verification Tester PDF

DUT and System Switch

Type Description Datasheet
S-3000C 18 GHz Low Triboelectric DUT Switch PDF
S-4000A 18 GHz Low Triboelectric System Switch for Interconnection of Two Measurement- or Probe Stations with One TLP System PDF

Bias Tee’s

The bias tees cover the voltage and frequency range by different LC configurations (L=300 µH, C=2,2 µF or 0.47 µF).

Type Description Datasheet
BT-10100B 100 V, 10 A, 30 kHz – 7 GHz, Bias Tee PDF
BT-101000B 1 kV, 10 A, 30 kHz – 4 GHz, Bias Tee PDF
DCT-101500B 1.5 kV, 10 A, 30 kHz – 8 GHz, DC Tap PDF

Pick-Off Tee’s (Voltage Sensors)

Type Description Datasheet
PT-45A 10 GHz Pick-Off Tee TLP/VF-TLP/HMM and Recovery Time Measurements (Output Sensitivity = 1:45) PDF
PT-95A 5 GHz Pick-Off Tee TLP/VF-TLP/HMM and Recovery Time Measurements (Output Sensitivity = 1:95) PDF

Power Splitter

Type Description Datasheet
VF-TLP-PD-06A 6 dB Power Splitter PDF

High Impedance Transformer (500 Ω TLP)

Type Description Datasheet
HIT-526A High Impedance Transformer 50 Ω to 526 Ω PDF

External Rise Time Filters

Type Description Datasheet
ORTF-10 External Rise Time Filter 10 ns, 50 Ω PDF
ORTF-20 External Rise Time Filter 20 ns, 50 Ω PDF
ORTF-25 External Rise Time Filter 25 ns, 50 Ω PDF
ORTF-50 External Rise Time Filter 50 ns, 50 Ω PDF
ORTF-100 External Rise Time Filter 100 ns, 50 Ω PDF
ORTF-200 External Rise Time Filter 200 ns, 50 Ω PDF
ORTF-250 External Rise Time Filter 250 ns, 50 Ω PDF
ORTF-1200 External Rise Time Filter 1.2 µs, 50 Ω PDF

Other rise times on request.

High Voltage Attenuators

Type Description Datasheet
HVA-03A High Voltage Attenuator 3 dB, 50 Ω, SMA(fm)/SMA(fm) PDF
HVA-06B High Voltage Attenuator 6 dB, 50 Ω, SMA(fm)/SMA(fm) PDF
HVA-10A High Voltage Attenuator 10 dB, 50 Ω, SMA(fm)/SMA(fm) PDF
HVA-20A High Voltage Attenuator 20 dB, 50 Ω, SMA(fm)/SMA(fm) PDF
HVA-34A High Voltage Attenuator 34 dB, 50 Ω, SMA(fm)/SMA(fm) PDF
HVA-34A-NFM High Voltage Attenuator 34 dB, 50 Ω, N(fm)/N(m) PDF

Other attenuation values on request.

Oscilloscope Input Overload Protection

Type Description Datasheet
TVS-70MF-10 Transient Voltage Suppressor DC to 6 GHz, 2 kV at 50 Ω and 100 ns PDF

DUT Boards

Type Description Datasheet
TB-50/SMA 50 Ω, TLP/VF-TLP/HMM DUT Testboard (30 mm x 14 mm) PDF
IFB-HF-3002A 50 Ω Interface Board – High Frequency PDF