• ±6 kV Human-Body-Model (HBM) tester according ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 standard with C = 100 pF, R = 1.5 kΩ discharge network
  • Wafer, package and system level HBM testing
  • True HBM: the classical discharge network of the HBM-S1-A according the standard ensures compliant waveforms for all load conditions
  • No trailing pulses
  • Integrated 10 kΩ charge removal resistor
  • Integrated DUT HBM current sensor for real time transient current monitoring with 1V/A output sensitivity into 50 Ω digital oscilloscope input
  • Integrated DUT HBM voltage sensor for real time transient voltage monitoring with 1/200V/V output sensitivity into 50 Ω digital oscilloscope input
  • Integrated overvoltage protection of the DUT voltage sensor, DUTcurrentsensor and DC test interface for efficient overload protection of the digital oscilloscope and SMU during high voltage HBM testing
  • Integrated DC test DUT switch with automatic switch control
  • Integrated 50 Ω precision hardware trigger output for high speed digital oscilloscopes
  • Fast HBM measurements, typically 0.5s per pulse including one-point DC measurement between pulses
  • Eficient sofware for system control and waveform data management (fully compatible with TLP measurement data)
  • The sofware can control automatic probers for fast measurements of complete wafers
  • Compact size 145 mm x 82.5 mm x 44 mm of the integrated HBM pulse generator probehead
  • System controller size 483 mm x 487 mm x 133 mm
  • High performance and high quality components
  • Optionally available hardware upgrades to all HPPI fully integrated HBM/HMM/TLP/VF-TLP test systems TLP-3010C, 4010C, 8010A, and 8010C


Download: Product Datasheet HBM-TS10-A

HBM Verification Tester

(optional upgrade, compatible with HBM-S1-B/C on HBM-TS10-A/HV-CU10-A or TLP-3010C, 4010C, 8010A/C)

Type Description Datasheet
HBM-VT HBM Verification Tester PDF

Block Diagram

Photograph HV-CU10-A and HBM-S1-B