Probing Solutions

Type Description Datasheet
ATS-8000A Automated Test System PDF
PS-5026B Portable Manual Wafer Probe Station PDF

Probe Arms

Type Description Datasheet
PHD-3001A Precision High-End TLP/VF-TLP Picoprobe Micropositioner Kit PDF
PHD-4001A Compact TLP/VF-TLP/HMM Probearm Set for Temperature Measurements PDF
PHD-PPM10-H9 Compact TLP/VF-TLP Picoprobe Probearm Kit for Temperature Measurements PDF
PHD-4001-TH-Seal Sealing Kit for PHD-PPM10-H9 and PHD-4001A on Cascade Elite E300, Octagon CM300 probe station PDF
PHD-HMM-48-1 48 Ω HMM Pulse Force Probe PDF
TPA-95 General Purpose TLP Probe Arm Kit PDF
TPA-GFM Manual Probearm for HBM and Flex-Pitch Applications PDF
TPA-GFG Flexible Probearm for HBM and Flex-Pitch Applications PDF
GF-A Flexible Pitch GND Fixture Clamps PDF