Automated Test System

The ATS-8000G test system is a fully automated probing solution for HBM, TLP, VF-TLP, HMM and CC-TLP on package- and wafer-level.
Future extension for CDM hardware is optional.

A ATS-8000A (Gen. A) system has been installed at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Microsystems and Solid State Technologies:


  • Fully automated probe station for for HBM, TLP, VF-TLP, HMM and CC-TLP on package-, system (PCB) and wafer-level
  • Automation software remote control including:
    • physical alignments (3D, multi-device)
    • automatic BGA/QFP/DIL/etc pin map generator
    • test definition and setup (e.g. ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 table 2A, 2B)
    • real time task view
    • moving camera setup
    • probe setup
    • motion controller, pulse generator, SMU(s) setup and operation
    • measurement data analysis and storage
  • Flexible pitch 2-pin or fixed pitch 4-pin (Kelvin-type) probe arms
  • Ultra-fast needle force touch-down sensors at [milli-Newton] force precision
  • Automatic probearm and needle crash avoidance system
  • Moving target camera
  • Microporous vacuum chuck
  • Safety shut-down light curtain (optional)
  • Compact size: 1.2 m (width) x 0.8 m (depth) x 1.5 m (height)
  • 160 kg weight


Product Data Sheet ATS-8000G PDF
Product Video ATS-8000A, previous Gen. A (Avoid YouTube) HPPI_sm.m4v
Product Video ATS-8000A, previous Gen. A (Youtube Link)

System Components

Item Sub-Item Qty. Description Model Number
1 1.0 1 Automated Test System ATS-8000G
1.1 2 110 mm X/Y-stages , linear scale encoder XY110
1.2 2 40 mm Z-stages, motor encoder Z40
1.3 2 Probearm fixture platform 75 mm x 75 mm PFP-75A
1.4 2 Touch-down force sensors TDS-A
1.5 1 Microporous ceramic compound vacuum chuck 160 mm x 160 mm VC-240A
1.6 1 Moving target video camera system MTC-18M
1.7 1 Motion system controller PL8885
1.8 1 Honeycomb breadboard 1000 mm x 800 mm x 70 mm 707-0810-V1
1.9 1 Accessories fixture kit AF-A
1.10 1 Table support 766-0507-AS
1.11 1 HPPI automation software ATS-OC

Physical Dimensions [mm]

Note: Darkbox not included in ATS-8000G system.