HBM-VT (HBM Verification Tester)


  • HBM pulse generator verification tester according ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 up to ±10kV
  • To be used in HBM test and qualification labs for regular pulse generator specification compliance test in order to fulfill lab audit and certification requirements
  • Fully automatic compliance test and verification of HBM pulse generators regarding ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 normative standard at 3 different load conditions: Short Circuit, 500 Ω, and a reference diode at VBR=15 V reverse breakdown voltage, including DC test
  • Parameter evaluation and verification of the transient HBM current waveforms: Peak Current, Rise Time, Decay Time, Maximum Ringing Current
  • Optionally available upgrade for all HPPI TLP-3010C, 4010C, 8010A, 8010C, HBM-TS10-A hardware systems in combination with HBM-S1-B (6kV) pulse generators (upgrade on request)
  • Fully automatic test report generation (PDF)
  • Electrically floating (no fixed system ground): The HBM loads, current sensor output, USB control interface and the enclosure are electrically floating. There is no limiting system ground which may introduce common-mode interference induced HBM current measurement errors.
  • Isolated industrial full-speed USB control interface
  • Isolated power supply derived from USB port
  • Compact size 126mm x 82.5mm x 44.5mm

Download: Product Datasheet HBM-VT

Front Side View

Rear Side View