18 GHz Low Triboelectric System Switch


  • Interconnection of two measurement- or probe stations with one TLP system
  • 3 synchronous switched single pole, double throw (SP2T) channels
  • Channel I1 to A1, B1 has very low triboelectricity. The other two channels I2 to A2, B2 and I3 to A3, B3 have standard triboelectricity performance.
  • DC – 18 GHz bandwidth
  • Suitable for high performance VF-TLP
  • 9 SMA interfaces
  • Integrated sheath wave (common mode) suppression
  • 12 V, 600 mA dual control interface, connected in parallel. Pin-compatible with the standard S-3000B switch interface of the TLP-3010C/4010C/8010A/8010C/12010A/12010C systems.
  • Size 172 mm x 83 mm x 5 1mm

Download: Product Datasheet S-4000A-LT