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It's Not Only Hardware - Software and ESD Knowledge Makes the Difference!

ATS-8000A Automated Test System

The ATS-8000A test system is a fully automated 2-pin probing solution for HBM, TLP, HMM and CC-TLP on package- and wafer-level. Future extension for CDM is optional.


HPPI is offering CC-TLP for investigation of CDM from Fraunhofer EMFT. The new CC-TLP probe CC-TLP-50-A1 is operated using the HPPI TLP-3010C/4010C/8010C systems and software.

What is TLP?

High Current TLP Characterisation: An Effective Tool for the Development of Semiconductor Devices and ESD Protection Solutions

PHD-4001A: High Performance VF-TLP/TLP/HMM Probearm Kit

Extremely compact and robust TLP/VF-TLP/HMM Picoprobe probearm kit for temperature measurements using coaxial cable tunnels for thermo-chuck in isolated chamber temperature measurements for 300 mm probe stations.

CS-0V5-A: 100 A in 150 ps

Pulse current sensor CS-0V5-A with very fast rise time <150 ps up to 100 A. Sensitivity 0.5 V/A at >3 GHz bandwidth. Successor for Tek CT-1/2/6.