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It's Not Only Hardware - Software and ESD Knowledge Makes the Difference!

320 mm Automated Test System ATS-8300G

The ATS-8300G test system is a 320 mm fully automated robotic probing solution for TLP, VF-TLP, HBM, HMM and CC-TLP on package- and wafer-level.


HPPI is offering CC-TLP for investigation of CDM from Fraunhofer EMFT. The new CC-TLP probe CC-TLP-50-A1 is operated using the HPPI TLP-3010C/4010C/8010C/12010C systems and software.

What is TLP?

High Current TLP Characterisation: An Effective Tool for the Development of Semiconductor Devices and ESD Protection Solutions

PHD-4001A: High Performance VF-TLP/TLP/HMM Probearm Kit

Extremely compact and robust TLP/VF-TLP/HMM Picoprobe probearm kit for temperature measurements using coaxial cable tunnels for thermo-chuck in isolated chamber temperature measurements for 300 mm probe stations.

CS-0V5-A: 120 A in 150 ps

Pulse current sensor CS-0V5-A with very fast rise time 3 GHz bandwidth. Successor for Tek CT-1/2/6.


New precision wafer-level calibration ceramic substrate for VF-TLP/TLP/HMM/HBM calibration. Size: 24 mm x 24 mm. Probing pitch 50 µm to 3 mm.

1 kV, 10 A, 4 GHz Bias Tee

The BT-101000B is used for DC biased TLP, VF-TLP, HMM or general RF measurements of high voltage and power devices in the time domain or frequency domain.

30 ps Pulse Module

30 ps rise time pulse module for advanced VF-TLP and CC-TLP application at 500 ps pulse width.