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What is TLP?

High current TLP characterization: an effective tool for the development of semiconductor devices and ESD protection solutions.

100 A in 150 ps

Pulse current sensor CS-0V5-A: very fast rise time <150 ps up to 100 A. Sensitivity 0.5 V/A at >3 GHz bandwidth. Successor for Tek CT-1/2/6.

High Performance VF-TLP/TLP Probe

Extremely compact TLP/VF-TLP Picoprobe probearm kit for temperature measurements because of coaxial cable channel for thermo-chuck in isolated chamber temperature measurements. Can be used as replacement of PHD-3001A.

HMM Pulse Force Probe

High current wafer-level and package-level HMM probe arm with built-in high surge 48Ω pulse reflection suppression resistor.